Friday, July 11, 2014

Been gone a while.

Here's some photography I've posted on tumblr flickr and instagram 

So if you see them around and the source gets removed, just link it back here. I have a couple others from Flickr too.

I changed my blog name back to olive-cole.

That's all for now.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dry skin Cured with Curel

My skin is typically a bit dry, so I signed on a buzzagent campaign for curel to try it out. It made my skin so soft and cured the dryness. It says it's great for people with diabetes, which I can't vouch for because I'm not diabetic, but I do love that it had no scent, and I don't believe there were any parabens, either.

I recieved six mini-tubs of them, and have offered a few to friends, who really enjoyed them.
here's a link to them. <img src="" alt=""/>

Saturday, September 28, 2013

"Cheese, Grommit! Cheese"

If you ever watched wallace and grommit, you'll remember this, if not, nevermind, or youtube it.
I got cheese from Influenster a while ago, and I've been meaning to blog about it for a while. I've been really busy. Anyway, I chose Sargento's light string cheese, and Aiden chose the colby sticks. I took a bite of his, and they weren't bad, but I'm terribly partial to string cheese. These things disappeared in no time, and I think I"ve found a new favorite brand. Before, I'd normally just pass Sargento, not even realizing they made string cheese.

I loved the richness of it, actually. most of the string cheeses I"ve had have been pretty weak, and mild in flavor (as one would expect), but I tasted more flavor in these, even though they were "light". This is a brand I'll be recommending many times over, of course, I'll be buying it, too. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Hair is Softer Than That Thang.

... And "That thang" is a cloud...idk.

anyhousenwhosen, I'm sitting here watching one of these Weylie videos, and it reminded me that I have to write about my hair because it feels AMAZING!!!!!

Like I have this thick, relaxed hair, and it used to be drier than the desert, like I kid you not.

So, anysnooch, I was looking around online for things to do with tea tree oil, because I knew it was a great astringent and all that other stuff (there's literally so much info on that stuff it's not even funny, like, wikipedia or something), and I came across this blog where a woman had added some to her shampoo, and I followed a commenter's instructions, because she didn't know how much per oz she had been adding, and the commenter said to add about 1 tablespoon per 200ml. I had a 300ml bottle, so I probably added like ...2.5 or 3. The shampoo I got was a twofer, (shampcon) by Herbal Essences, the Unbreakable Seduction...SO amazing, and it smells great. Also, I really like the smell of tea tree oil, so the fact that it almost overpowers my shampoo smell (until I'm blowdrying), doesn't bother me.

Anyway, I was blowdrying my hair, and I noticed that it was softer than usual already. Then I flat ironed it (which I previously hadn't done for about two weeks or so...I was trying to cut down). It was softer than Aiden's hair. And his hair's pretty dang soft! I've shown you guys pics of him, right? Anyhousenwhosen, it also took care of the dandruff problem I was having ever since I started GHE'ing (which I had previously stopped doing because it caused the dandruff to begin with...I'm probably never going back to that mess). My hair stays soft for days. I still wash twice a week, but I feel like I might be able to cut down now that my hair feels taken care of.

kk, that's all.


I forgot to mention that my hair suffers way less breakage. Nary a strand when I comb, and the sink stays pretty clean when I blowdry/iron. I used to have a terrible breakage problem. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

"If you don't like it, give it back" Whaaa~~~~~?

Hey, guys. Recently, I switched jobs, and I've also not been feeling very hungry (as in, I'm not eating out of boredom or just to eat, I genuinely only eat when I'm hungry), so I don't finish much of the food I am given (usually by the cooks who make the food earlier in the day for the seniors, or they bring it from home). I try to take only what I think I can eat, but I invariably end up dumping it, anyway.

There's somewhat of a language barrier between me and the cooks, so when I was told to give the food back if I didn't want it, I was a little taken aback, like "what? I...I really like the food. What are you even...oh, yeah, I do dump a lot of food I guess", but I figured no one would want my sloppy remainders, because who really wants to eat after someone else?

Well, anyway, I'm glad they offer the food, because eating off of the menu everyday, sometimes I really can't decide, and some days, I just really don't want to because I know that what they made the seniors actually tastes really good, and what I would end up choosing from the menu would be calorie laden, and not too filling.

I'm not ready for next week to start, the weekend is too fun :D

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back to School - DormLife

Hey, everyone. Sorry I took such a long hiatus, but here we are and it's almost back to school time.

I decided that I'd share what I know about dorm life to hopefully help make your stay in the dorms a bit more enjoyable.

so first off, is friendmaking. It'll be easier if you're outgoing, but even if you aren't, people will likely approach you. You are almost guaranteed to make friends, unless you are hell-bent on making enemies, or not meeting people, I guess.

Dorms sometimes organize trips, and even if they don't, if you join a club, they likely will, so you can look forward to those things. Even if you don't particularly like the trip, you can just chill with your friends at the event. (Our dorm always had a trip to the mall. Everyone has been there several times, but we still made it fun.)

Since you'll be in a dorm, you will have an RA. At least one. Get to know them because if anything goes wrong, or you need to talk, that's what they're there for. In my video, I mentioned not doing this to manipulate them, I have a very long story that I don't want to get into, but over the course of a month, I ended up needing my RA and several other staff because of room mate issues gone terribly awry, they spilled over into school, and I was very lucky to have them on my side. Because I was alway talking to them, and very honest about what happened, and everything else going on with me, things ended up going very well for me, and I was made student of the month.

More later, I have to go right now. :P

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Moving in a couple days

Hi, guys. As you see, I'll be moving in a couple of days. I really couldn't be more excited about this. This has been the longest 3.5months I have ever had in my life - including my worst time in the dorms that I never talk about. The past week hasn't been a jewel, either. I started a new job, thinking the convenience would be great for me, but as it turns out, the job is a bad fit, so here I am, looking again, packing when I'm at the house ( I refuse to call it home, because I hate to be there. Who would want to live with a racist cougar, anyway? - not that I knew she was one when I first moved in), and not doing much else.

I just can't wait to move - actual privacy, no tiptoeing around, finding my things broken, or finding our living conditions otherwise uninhabitable. There won't be a hostile environment, which is what I can't wait for.

As for posting regularly, I'll try. My first objective is to find a job I don't hate that allows me to live comfortably, and then I'll invest in home internet, so my postings would be more frequent.

That's about it, really.