Saturday, June 29, 2013

Moving in a couple days

Hi, guys. As you see, I'll be moving in a couple of days. I really couldn't be more excited about this. This has been the longest 3.5months I have ever had in my life - including my worst time in the dorms that I never talk about. The past week hasn't been a jewel, either. I started a new job, thinking the convenience would be great for me, but as it turns out, the job is a bad fit, so here I am, looking again, packing when I'm at the house ( I refuse to call it home, because I hate to be there. Who would want to live with a racist cougar, anyway? - not that I knew she was one when I first moved in), and not doing much else.

I just can't wait to move - actual privacy, no tiptoeing around, finding my things broken, or finding our living conditions otherwise uninhabitable. There won't be a hostile environment, which is what I can't wait for.

As for posting regularly, I'll try. My first objective is to find a job I don't hate that allows me to live comfortably, and then I'll invest in home internet, so my postings would be more frequent.

That's about it, really. 

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