Monday, March 25, 2013

hair challenge results

I think the challenge is over, and I'm sorry for not posting more often, I keep forgetting to have comcast come over and fix my internet so I can have wifi...anyway, so, my results for the no cutting challenge are thus:

my hair ...basically looks the same, except since I was using ponytails (too high up, and almost daily in the same spot), I pulled some of my hair in certain spots...I need to find an alternate style, but I know that daily/semidaily heat isn't good for my hair, however, that makes it easy to manage, and I kind of have to wash my hair like two or three times a week. I have issues, I guess...

I dont' know what to do...I need my problems fixed, but I don't want to pay 60 bucks a month for weave that I know won't look all that great within a week considering how I sleep, move, etc. And especially since this dang cardio class started. ...I'll think of something.

anyway, s, those are my results. hair's about the same except where I've pulled the shit out...fml.

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