Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Hair is Softer Than That Thang.

... And "That thang" is a cloud...idk.

anyhousenwhosen, I'm sitting here watching one of these Weylie videos, and it reminded me that I have to write about my hair because it feels AMAZING!!!!!

Like I have this thick, relaxed hair, and it used to be drier than the desert, like I kid you not.

So, anysnooch, I was looking around online for things to do with tea tree oil, because I knew it was a great astringent and all that other stuff (there's literally so much info on that stuff it's not even funny, like, wikipedia or something), and I came across this blog where a woman had added some to her shampoo, and I followed a commenter's instructions, because she didn't know how much per oz she had been adding, and the commenter said to add about 1 tablespoon per 200ml. I had a 300ml bottle, so I probably added like ...2.5 or 3. The shampoo I got was a twofer, (shampcon) by Herbal Essences, the Unbreakable Seduction...SO amazing, and it smells great. Also, I really like the smell of tea tree oil, so the fact that it almost overpowers my shampoo smell (until I'm blowdrying), doesn't bother me.

Anyway, I was blowdrying my hair, and I noticed that it was softer than usual already. Then I flat ironed it (which I previously hadn't done for about two weeks or so...I was trying to cut down). It was softer than Aiden's hair. And his hair's pretty dang soft! I've shown you guys pics of him, right? Anyhousenwhosen, it also took care of the dandruff problem I was having ever since I started GHE'ing (which I had previously stopped doing because it caused the dandruff to begin with...I'm probably never going back to that mess). My hair stays soft for days. I still wash twice a week, but I feel like I might be able to cut down now that my hair feels taken care of.

kk, that's all.


I forgot to mention that my hair suffers way less breakage. Nary a strand when I comb, and the sink stays pretty clean when I blowdry/iron. I used to have a terrible breakage problem. 


  1. LOL, congratz on your soft hair. When I had relaxed hair Head & Shoulders made my hair super soft and I couldn't keep my hands out of it + my friends. Garnier also worked really good for me back then too but Coconut oil is what really moisturizes and makes your hair soft at the same time ;D

  2. Thanks :D It feels A-mazing to not be able to keep my hands out of it for a change, instead of when I used to dread touching it.

    Gotta love Coconut oil! I haven't used my garnier in a while, I'll probably try some once I'm out of this Herbal Essences :D