Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Class was actually


awesome today!
we did a circuit training, and it included lifting! I’m so happy. we only have seven more sessions left, but I hope I can do more next week. if I don’t work next friday, I can come in and do a third day (my class is only mon/wed, but it’s better than nothing).
Also, I’ve been eating much better since my last wonderous trip to the grocery store.
I had the best ever yogurt parfait this morning (well, I was pretty full after the eggs I had. I tried to make a tostada with egg and salsa, but…that didn’t happen very well, so I had eggs and salsa.) My lunch was mediocre, but meat heavy, which I loved. I’ll finish my parfait when I get home, and then I get to make something with chicken for dinner. Oh, and maybe I’ll try to make a vinegrette for my salads, ‘cuz I have lettuce and cabbage now. I can toss in some carrots, celery and cucumber. Maybe hard boil an egg. ^_^

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