Thursday, January 24, 2013

weirdest encoutner EVERRRRR

Since my life's been pretty eventless, I found this to be strange to quite strange, indeed. But before I get to the randomness that was two nights ago, I have to tell you that I found a new way of applying my eyeliner, and it's completely fool proof! I love this new method SO much. Pics later (promise).

Sooo, anysnooch, couple days ago, i was working, and it was a stressful day anyway, the last day that I worked our outrageous sale (seriously, it was AMAZING). A co-worker who works in a different department than I do talked to me like I was an idiot instead of being civil (I saw her yesterday, and just the sight of me made her angry again, which is weird because a of all) I didn't do anything bad, b of all) I would have been civil to her if she had: a) stayed around (she literally came up to me, said things in a very rude voice and made sure to look all the way down her nose at me (neverminding that she's already like 6'5"....), turned around and walked off) , and b) not spoken to me like I was a complete buffoon, but karma, whatever, right?

So, I get off work, head to my bus, miss it by seconds, and wait for another. It's a sunday, so they're running slower than usual. I catch the next bus, and we have a bleeder. At first I thought nothing of it 'cuz people with nosebleeds tend to have tissues stuck up their noses to prevent their blood from getting all over. I half-noticed later that his tissues were out and there were splotches on his face and hands, but I was too busy playing videogames on my phone so I could forget about that rude girl at my job, and I was also contemplating how I'd interact with my coworkers later since they finally found out that I know spanish.

So, anyhousenwhosen, we're at the second stop - the airport, and the guy talks to the bus driver for a second, gets off the bus, and we wait. I figure he's getting more tissue, and go back to gaming. Then I realize we've been there for a while, and everyone who's getting on or off has already done so. Then I see the man heading back, so we pull up more to get him. I return to my phone, and realize that I'm going to miss the bus I wanted to catch, but no big, there's a bar, I can just head in and get like a sandwich or something.

So we get downtown, I've got an hour for the next bus, and I greet the bouncer, a random patron, and another random patron. I sit down, and the bartender asks what i want. I order a grilled cheese, and the dude I sit next to is all "put it on my tab" and I'm like extra confused at this point like who just pays for a random person's stuff at a bar? But anyway, the dude's like 45-50 or something, I thank him after making sure he's okay with paying for my food, and he also bought me a coke (but dont' take food or drinks from strangers, any of you lot. Hypocritical, I know.). I have an hour still (duh, this exchange took like seconds), so I decide there's no harm in talking to the guy. As it turns out, his son is my age, and a teacher in china, (he elected to teach abroad kind of like you can do in korea, if you teach english) his daughter has stolen is identity, he's infatuated with a lady from Louisiana, and he wants to go to the bahamas.

I've always enjoyed hearing other people's stories, so I pretty much just let him talk until it was time to catch my bus.

The next day, Aiden (don't think reading this is the first he heard of it, either. I told him as soon as he got home, and we had many laughs) and I walked around for an hour in -24 degree weather. I thought I lost my ID (only to find it today, funny story, one of my classmates who I met before class on the first day thinks I'm only in high school. You should have seen her face when I told her that I'm over 20.)

I have no desire to do that ever again.

I do, however have new goals:
1)Be the better person. In regards to that girl, next time I see her, flash a huge smile and just be polite. If she's rude to me, I'll politely let her know that I'm not to be walked over and treated like poop just because she hates her job (which is what it seems like for half of the people who have her job).
2) figure out when to/not to trust people. I've always had trouble with this one. Either I trust people and get hurt (around 85% of the time), or I trust no one, and seem like an angry introvert...I need to find the balance.
3) make more healthy meals
4) learn how to make a budget....yeah...never really learned...
5) eh...get more organized. I'm only organized on phones and computers. Don't give me paper or anything else...bad, I know.


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