Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Moving and results

We finally signed our lease for the new place last night, so everything's official, we're moving mid-month, and I'm super excited!

also: I'm seeing results from my gym class:

1) my arms actually have muscles! woot woot!

2) so do my legs. if I flex them, I can feel them more, it's awesome!

3) I can lift more!

next on my agenda, besides packing, is figuring out what to do with my youtube channel now that I've started doing stuff on it. I tried to make a video yesterday, then looked at it once I was ready to upload, and saw that my hair was freaking hideous, so...that failed...(yes, I care that much, it is that serious...to me...)

Eh, I'll figure things out later.

work is going ok, so far. school, obvz is going awesomely.

kk, eh, that's all for now!

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