Monday, February 4, 2013

rollercoaster of a week

This week has been such a rollercoaster for me. I mean, at first, it started out alright, I guess. I just felt like normal.
Then my mom called me first thing in the morning to tell me that my gran wasn't doing so hot, lost her will to live, and that she doesn't like my soon to be living arrangements. How many blows do you think I can take in five minutes? Someone's mastered low blows, and I don't know what the usage of that is...
anyway, then I go to work, kind of indifferent about life, but trying to play as though I'm actually having a lot of fun.

Then I'm at work, and I learn some disturbing things. Mainly, though, that one of my co workers, if she'd have seen me on the street in her neighborhood, she'd probably kill me in cold blood because of some black dude who held her up at gunpoint when she was twelve (another one held her mom up at the same time, I guess), so she grew up scared of black people, and she has a permit for her gun. All I've ever done is be black and understand spanish - all of this took place in English, though, right after she said "oh, no offense (to me)", and carried on with the story.

Well, the next day another co worker, after hearing me vent about it (I didn't use names) to another coworker, apologized to me on her behalf, and just that night, I was texting with another coworker who helped me not think much about it anymore. But it was really weird that I saw the girl who said that yesterday limping at work, so I asked if she was okay, I mean, I'm not the racist here, so I figure I can still be a decent person and ask, but she gave me a snotty look, so Idk...

well, I found out that my gran died hours ago, so...I'm not the happiest of campers, but Aiden has been entertaning me right well today. ^_^ So glad to have a great BF like him. :D

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