Friday, February 1, 2013

Why do you talk so funny?

I’m sure you’ve noticed how I say really weird stuff in my blogs like “a of all”, “hot to quite hot”, “insta____”, and a few other things, so I figured I’d explain them since reading my ghostpen post made me lolz and realize that yes, I really did say “lo and behold”.
The “a of all)” and “___to quite____” come from the radio station kdwb that I’ve listened to since elementary. Dave Ryan says these phrases frequently.
“instaanything” comes from a friend in school who mashes words together frequently. The rest, like any antiquated words/phrases are usually things I’ve been saying since forever ago. I also have a scholar cousin who keeps antiquated speech very much alive.
That’s really it lol.
(sorry, I typed this on wordpress's windows phone app (janky af).

ehh....might not be doing that again. 

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