Friday, December 14, 2012

"Do you like...umm...icecream" *blush*

Recently, I've been made aware that it's actually kind of a miracle that I end up in relationships, like...ever.

See, when I'm not in one, I'm kind of like this

Poop, couldn't find the pic I wanted.

Well, anyway, I don't pick up on hints

Even really obvious ones. I don't know why, but I just don't get them, and then if someone who for some reason is interested in me but then I'm like "Nah, he's just a friend", 'cuz I pretty much see everyone as a non-romantic, non-interest until they magic me into a relationship. Normally, I think it's pretty steathlike.

k, that's an exaggeration. But  anyway, someone I think is all just a friend is suddenly dropping hints that I pick up on, and I'm like "Holy Chizz, dude the F are you doing? Can you Not see that I'm One of the Dudes?" (cuz I typically hang out with dudes and like videogames, etc). So then I'm all weirded out and confused like "why does he like me"

(at this point I have no idea where this post is going, by the way)

Except that maybe ...yeah. I can't think of a real point for this.

So, anyway, I don't get that someone likes me until they tell me. Otherwise, I just think they're a really friendly person. Unless they're being all gross, but that's not so much "liking me" as "being a big fat pervypants".

I am comfortably and happily with Aiden, in case anyone has a weird question about that, and no, no one is dropping me any hints (although, by default, I really will not get it if a woman is dropping them (I'm also not intersted, sorry to potentially dissapoint, lol). Seriously, though. I had a few friends who liked me. Two of whom I had NO idea. The other one, I only knew about it because she was...embarassingly (for me) obvious about it. That's another story for MUCH later...if ever...) Anyway, for the previous two, some of my friends told me that they noticed them "inspecting" my "rack" or "trunk" while I wasn't looking. They were pretty sneaky, 'cuz I NEVER would have caught on. EVERRR.

So, back to the post of pointless ramble. How do I show interest? Simple. I don't. How did I get into my current relationship? Simple answer "Magic", Walter's answer: "Magic is" nevermind, he'd start talking about the raspberry jelly or redvines, maybe even bacon, but something along the lines of magic being something most people don't understand easily explained by science, look at this ask walter thing! :

wow, am I really that easily distracted don't I have like five million things to do?

I want a new layout, one with like skulls and stuff, and a cherry cursor, 'cuz that'd be bomb, but not the tiny three cherries, I want two nice sized cherries with the green stems and a leaf, you know, like the cute cherries on swimsuits and junk, btw, I need one of those swimsuits this summer, and by need  I mean want, but does anyone really care about that portion of my grammar on my blog right now? especialy considering this is a really random ass blog post that I just thought about while I was talking to a coworker this morning? I didn't even think I'd blog about it, it's just that someone brought it up, and I was like "damn, I never thought about tha, how would I notice this about myself, lol".

K, time for a new post, lol. excuse y poor spelling, I"m distracted by like a million things and brain...there's really bad music on the thing right now, and it's definitely not what's coming from any of this bar's tv's. I also just realized that yes, I do look young enough to get carded, 'cuz it just happened tonight. I got spoiled going to one bar that I always go to, I wonder if my mom would get carded, like, we dont' look our age at all, I love these genes, it's great. anyway, new post.

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