Saturday, December 29, 2012


 Last night after picking Aiden up from work, we went to the bar, (he, our friend, Tim, and I), and after much deliberation on what we wanted to eat and/or drink, I finally decided to get a burger (trust me, it gets more interesting than that). I asked for it pretty plain, because I’d wanted to inspect their sauce rack in case they had something that tickled my fancy. Lo and behold – they did. I got my burger, put some of their ghost pepper sauce on it, and a little mustard (‘cuz for some weird reason, I can’t have a burger without it…unless it’s a whopper jr, but that doesn’t really count…).
At first, I only put a couple drops on, just in case. I took a couple bites, it wasn’t hot enough, and then I treated it more like ketchup. Tim, at this point, was singing a 90’s song on their karaoke machine, and pretty much killing it. By the time he was done, Aiden and I had tasted the burger and declared it a masterpiece of spice (we both like it hot to quite hot, indeed).
After we left the bar, Tim said something about being hungry, so I offered him some of the burger that was still pleasantly burning my mouth and/or insides (I don’t’ remember really, I was just glad to not be cold). We both warned him how hot it was by reminding him that it’s the same sauce we searched all over the state fair for so I could have my ghost pepper wings (which were delicious), you can see our friend in that post, he’s the one with the ice cream between us, well, he’s in the picture, at any rate.
So, after much reluctance, because for some reason he thought I’d be mad if he ate my burger, he took a bite. He was pretty much insta-down. We didn’t really have anything for him to drink, so he was in a miserable state until we got home. He kept asking why I made the burger that hot, and I again reminded him that we spend the entirety of the state fair day trying to find those wings because a of all) I love hot shit, and b of all) hot shit is delicious.
Tim was out until we got home, where I jokingly offered him more of the burger, which he wanted nothing to do with.
Aiden brought cashews home, (this is bad because cherries and cashews are nearly tied for delicousness to me), so Tim and I proceeded to eat them, when I remembered that I do have a very mild nut allergy, but didn’t care, so Tim tried to take them away from me, and I ran into my room with them. Then I came out, put them on the counter, and chased him around the house with the burger.

Fun times.
We watched him play Kingdom Hearts 2 for a bit (he beat 1 last week), and then we all trooped off to bed.
I woke up this morning, heard Gangnam Style on the radio (Yes, I STILL like the song), and bursted into the bathroom to do what I know of the dance. Also fun times.
I hope to have a wonderful weekend, and I hope you lot do, too. Pretty soon, I’ll be a regular with the instagram postings, so if you want, check me out there. I’m Olive8o until I can get them to fix that chizz, ‘cuz no one is actually using my gamertag…

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